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Performance Application Guide
We are trying to move the FYP into the Digital Age.
We have split the Performance Application process into two parts.

First, a new web-enabled Performance Application lets you type directly into a form, and submits your information directly to the FYP email account.  The Performance Application is available at http://www.festivalofyoungperformers.org/40801.html

Second, the FYP still needs pen on paper hard copies of the parents signatures, and the teacher signatures.  The new printable Parental Release/Teacher Approval form is now at
Click the link and print out the form.  Fill out the form, get the signatures, and date it..  Then send the completed form along with the $20 application processing fee by regular US Postal Service snail mail to the FYP at P.O. Box 1471, Ridgewood, NJ 07450.

There is no competition involved in performing at the Walter Engel Festival of Young Performers.  Singers, pianists, and other instrumentalists are all encouraged to apply and may perform as soloists or in small ensembles.

Each musician or ensemble must be recommended by their teacher.  Each soloist must download and print a Parental Release/Teacher Approval Form, complete it, have it signed, and submit it along with a non-refundable $20 application processing fee.  Each musician in an ensemble must submit their own Parental Release/Teacher Approval Form, but one $20 application processing fee covers all the members of the ensemble.

Applications are reviewed by the FYP Selection Committee.  Each accepted soloist or ensemble is assigned to perform at one of the four FYP concerts and is given a rehearsal timeslot.  Applicants may indicate their preferences for concert and rehearsal dates and times on the application.  The FYP Selection Committee makes every attempt to honor those preferences.  If the applicant is only available to perform on a particular date or particular time, it should be noted on the application. 

The selection committee has established basic criteria for accepting applicants to perform at FYP (see below).  Meeting these criteria does not guarantee acceptance, however, as the committee tries to ensure that a variety of teachers’ studios are represented at the festival and that each concert provides a showcase for a wide range of performance levels, instruments, and musical styles. 

The basic acceptance criteria are:

1.      The 2017 Online Performance Application must be submitted by February 8, 2017, and the Parental Release/Teacher Approval Form must postmarked by February 8, 2017.   Early applications are given priority when it comes to assigning concert and rehearsal times. 

2.    Many of the musicians perform at an advanced level, but we welcome and encourage beginners and intermediate level performers, also.  “Beginning” level applicants should be able to perform -- up to tempo -- music that is generally considered to be Level 2 (e.g., a Bach Minuet) or above.

3.    The applicant must be between 6 and 18 years of age.  Senior year in high school is the last year a performer is eligible for FYP.

4.    The piece of music to be performed must be classical in nature and not more than five minutes in duration.  An accurate timing of the piece is required on the application. 

       All music should be performed up to tempo, and repeats should not be taken.  If the music to be performed is from a sonatina, sonata, concerto, or other work with multiple movements, please limit the performance to one movement of the piece. 

      Please note that all solos performed at the festival must be memorized.  Piano duos* and instrumental ensembles of three or more may use printed music.

*    There are two grand pianos available in the concert hall.  

5.    The performer must be recommended by their teacher.  The teacher’s signature on the Parental Release/Teacher Approval Form is considered a recommendation.  While there is no limit on the number of submissions per teacher, please be advised that the Selection
Committee may limit acceptances to two or three per teacher, as time on the program permits.

6.    Each soloist is responsible for finding his or her own accompanist. If you need a recommendation for an accompanist, please contact us.  All solos must be accompanied unless they are expressly written for an unaccompanied instrument.

7.    This year, the new Performance Application is a web-based form that must be filled out and submitted online.  The separate Parental Release/Teacher Approval Form should be downloaded and printed, filled out legibly, signed by a parent/guardian, and signed by the applicant’s music teacher.  We greatly appreciate that you provide e-mail addresses for the student, parent, and music teacher so we can stay in contact easily and efficiently. 

8.    Enclose a non-refundable $20 application processing fee.  If paying by check or money order, please make out the check or money order to “Unitarian Society of Ridgewood - FYP”.  Mail the Parental Release and the application fee to -

Walter Engel Festival of Young Performers
P.O. Box 1471
Ridgewood, NJ  07450

All applications are due by February 8, 2017